Graves Dental - How Rude.


Talk about rude.I went to my first appointment with no issue.

We scheduled my next one for 8am a week later. I had every intention of going . They called the previous day to confirm, unfortunately I did not get the message until after business hours . However, I still was planning to go .

At 2am I woke up vomiting. My husband who works late nights came home to find me laying in front of the toilet very sick. He was going to call when we believed the office opened to reschedule my appointment. They called us right before 8 am.

He tried to explain that I had gotten sick in the middle of the night and he thought that they didnt open until 8am. The receptionist got extremely rude and hung up on him. He tried to call back and explain this was very unexpected but again she was rude and said the dentist would never see me again. He called back a 3rd time and offered to pay up front for my appointment if we could just reschedule .

Again, he was met with rudeness. If there is any possibility that something unforseen could happen to you in the middle of the night. Something like being sick .

DO NOT go here.They are not willing to work with you and will treat you like dirt.

Review about: Rude Service.

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